Took My Child To See The Dentist

Happy Sunday! I know there are a lot of mom’s who follow my blog since I am a mom myself. I’d like to share this tid bit of information I gathered this past week after taking my child to a dental clinic in Richmond and doing some research. I think it is very valuable. Here is an excerpt from an article I read.

Many people question why they should take their child to see a specialist (orthodontist), rather than just their regular dentist. While a dentist plays a significant role in taking care of your child’s teeth, they simply don’t do enough. Seeing an orthodontic professional is crucial in order to ensure that nothing is overlooked when it comes to your child’s teeth, bite, breathing and overall smile.
To understand why a specialist is recommended it is important that you know exactly what an orthodontist is and what they do. An orthodontist is a doctor who is a dental specialist. They have completed 2-3 additional years of education beyond dental school. What orthodontists have specifically studied and have specialized in is knowing how to properly straighten and align the teeth and the jaws. Through acquiring this additional training, orthodontists are much more qualified to identify dental irregularities, diagnose conditions and treat problems through a variety of ways. Here are a few of the conditions and things excellent orthodontists are able to identify and treat:

  • Crowding, misplaced or blocked out teeth
  • Difficulty chewing biting or breathing.
  • Early or late loss of teeth
  • Speech difficulty
  • Teeth that protrude
  • Facial imbalances
  • Jaw Alignment issues
  • Grinding and clenching of teeth

Also, after seeing this video it showed me what an orthodontist can really do.

I will be taking my son into get braces this next week! If you have any questions for me on this article please shoot me an email!

Thanks To The Best Carpet Cleaners Around

Hey everyone! Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great year in store. Go out and tackle your goals and make things happen.

thank you

So this is my blog, and I can say whatever I want and be as random as I want. Normally I will be discussing and giving my thoughts on trending topics and events such as sports, politics, movies, music etc. Today, I want to dedicate this post to Carpet Cleaning Clarksville. They came and cleaned my carpets last week and did a tremendous job but that is not the main reason I want to give them a shout out.

They gave me my cleaning absolutely 100% free! It was unbelievable. They said they do it once every month and this month I was their random customer who got free service. I was so incredibly thankful. I of course tried to tip but they wouldn’t accept it. So the least I can do is get them some viewership on my humble little blog. Go check them out and if you are in the area (Clarksville, Tennessee), call them! They do a great job and are so incredibly generous!

I just really felt the need to thank these guys in someway after what they did for me this last week. I needed to save the cash as well after having spent a lot on my kids for Christmas. So thankful.

Thanks for tuning in! Stay posted because in the days to come I will be talking about some interesting juicy stuff. I would love your thoughts as well! Shoot me an email anytime

Read Much…?

Do you read much? If not, you are missing out. You know what they say right? Leaders are readers! There is so much information out there to be understood taken in. Not too mention all the fantastic books that have been written for relaxation and enjoyment purposes. If you are currently a person who doesn’t read much I am telling you right now, that needs to change.

You can read fiction, non-fiction, personal development, articles and many other forms of text. It truly doesn’t matter, I just really recommend you read. Studies show that those who read have higher intellects and vocabularies, because they are constantly stretching and working their brains.

I love fiction. There is truly nothing like diving head first (not literally) into a good book. BUT if I had to choose between fiction and non-fiction, I’d go with fiction every time. Why? Well, because that is where bettering yourself and bettering your craft can truly takes place. A company I wrote several journal articles on is owned by a man who told me this “if you are reading a book you are being mentored by the author of that book.” Once he told me that it changed the way I read books and it even changed my perspective on right. If you ever want to get in touch with him and ask him some questions on the books he has read I know he’d love to share. You can find his email at

Literature is great. its a beautiful thing. It allows people to learn and acquire so much knowledge on pretty much whatever they want. Please don’t miss out on reading and the opportunities it gives us. I hear many people say, “man I wish I was a reader” or “wow I wish I liked reading.” To be honest with you, wanting to read is a choice. It all boils down to the choices you make.

I have read so many different books on so many different subjects. Regardless of what you are interested in or think you might be interested in, I bet I could refer to some solid reads that you would either really enjoy or very much so learn from. Email me at if you want any recommendations or if you just want to chat about a good book you have read lately. I am always looking for new reads. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to take advantage of the power of written text!

Kobe Retiring?

Kobe Retirement

If you can’t tell by now I really do talk about everything from politics to sports to movies! I just love to write. So, new topic in the headlines today and I want to share my opinion on it and get some of your thoughts as well. Kobe Bryant announced his retirement! How crazy is that? The guy has been in the league for 20 years. Many people can’t even imagine the NBA without him.

What I want to know is do you think it was smart of him to announce his retirement as early as he did? Here are my thoughts:

Kobe is a legend. He is top five greatest players of all time I don’t care what you say. He has the stats, championship and passion to prove it. People have been criticizing him like crazy lately for being inefficient, selfish and just downright terrible. No he is not having the best year and he has even admitted that but what he has done for the NBA is remarkable.

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Problem With Debates

As many of you know, the republican and democratic debates have been the topic of discussion lately for U.S. citizens. This is not a bad thing, but the way we discuss and converse is. It seems like 90% of the things said within and about these debates are blatantly negative or have negative connotations. Many of the politicians are attacking each other and saying unprofessional things. Yes, they are responsible for their actions but this is the way the media pushes things and wants it. The media treats our debates and elections as one giant reality TV Show series. Debates

Have you ever noticed how the moderators only ask questions that cause confliction and that set up the candidates to attack each other? This is more than half the problem. In order for our country to have ethical, fair and accurate debates and election processes, we need moderators that ask good and intelligent questions. Questions that allow candidates to answer with integrity and to address issues and the steps they would take regarding them.

The media controls things and only portrays what they want. It is very skewed and not truthful at all. People often create their opinions off of inaccurate and extremely biased information. Since this is true this takes the validity and necessity out of having debates. If we are going to have presidential debates things need to change. Our country is so far away from what it was founded on.

If you read what a debate is really supposed to be and the purpose it really is supposed to serve, you will find what we are doing is wacky and wrong. So next time you watch one of the presidential debates, liberal or conservative, I hope that you can see it through a non-biased and skewed lense. Your own lense. Always seek the truth and what is right. It is hard to find that today when allowing yourself to be sucked in by the media. Do your research and don’t always follow the masses. We need to make debates great again so we can make the election process great again ultimately so we can make America great again!

Deborha’s Blog

If you are reading this, you are reading my very first blog post! I am journalist so I write for a living but I have never blogged before. This will be my first time writing from a relaxed and personal point a view and let me tell ya, I am excited. Also, if you are interested in being a journalist check this website out. It’s really not a bad gig. Quite fun at times.

In this blog I will be covering all sorts of stuff that is interesting and that I am passionate about. It could be sports, could be music, could be politics. Who knows! I just love current events and information and I like to talk about it and get others opinions on things, so feel free to chip in at anytime! I will leave the comments up.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! Stay tuned for future posts! They will be coming soon.